Welcome To Global Prayer and Anointing Ministries

One Church, Numerous Churchgoers

It does not matter what your thoughts are about God and Church, you are welcome at Global Prayer and Anointing Ministries.

We believe God is all-powering, all-knowing, uncreated, and present everywhere. God created everything the world, and the universe. Jesus Christ, the son of God, became fully human to pay the price of all the sins by dying on the cross. He is the only conciliator in the middle of a holy God(Father of Jesus Christ) and sinful people.

Placed Your Trust In Jesus Christ

It is a very crucial decision to believe in God and follow him. If you are thinking about saying yes to Jesus Christ, let us know, we will help you get to start your new journey of faith.

Global Prayer and Anointing Ministries is a church for all people. It is a place where you will find love and pardon God gives to everyone. We will make your first experience great and memorable at our church.

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Lets Pray Together

Best Place To Stay Connected With God Connectedly

Serve in Prayer

We at our church provide the opportunity for everyone to pray. Our pastors will help you praise God in devotion.

Serve in Gospel Communities

It means people gather in small groups throughout the week. Many people make new friends in prayer meeting.

Serve in Pastoral Care

If you serve love and also have a soft corner in the heart for others, pastoral care ministry is for you.

Serve the community

We are committed to enhancing the spiritual lives of our believers as well as support our community through worship of God.

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