About Us

Our Mission

We exist to continue the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ by inviting people to become disciples for the kingdom of God, inspiring disciples in their faith commitment, and inclusively reaching out in love and compassion to a world in need.

Our Vision

To be a community of faith that thinks with the mind of Christ, loves with the heart of Christ, and serves with the hands of Christ.


To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to establish churches, missions and other organizations and facilities for that purpose and for general religious purposes, in and outside of Canada.

To relieve poverty by operating a food bank for individuals or families who are poor of low income or in need.

To relieve poverty by providing necessities of life, including food clean water, clothing, and / or shelter to individuals or families who are poor. of low income or in need in and out of Canada.

To advance religion by preaching the teachings, and religious tenets, doctrines, and observances, associated with Christianity.

To address and prevent problems faced by families/youth by providing publicly available crises counseling, and parents dealing with behavior management issues, and counsel those affected by family violence or loss of family members.

To address and prevent problems faced by youth by operating a supervised youth center (or drop – in center) that provides structured programs directed toward resolving problems not restricted to but includes anger, violence, and abuse.

To address and prevent specific problems faced by families by providing parents children, and youth with mentoring programs, workshop, and seminars on issues such as anger management, conflict resolution, and affective communication.

To relieve conditions associated with the aged by providing personal care, housekeeping, meals, nursing, shopping assistance, and transportation to medical appointments.

To receive and maintain funds and to apply all or part of the principal and income therefore time to time to charitable organization that are also registered under the charity act of Canada (Income Tax Act Canada).

We shall establish a Bible/theological college to educate our members and up and coming youth who are interested in becoming pastors or to serve in the house of the Lord in Canada.